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In response to Bob's current post (earlier in the day these days - "a-day in courtroom" 2009-6-18) I was thinking that into the interests of assisting out our little neighborhood, I would upload a simplified (aka modified) version of my existing contract. I cannot claim that We authored it-all actually (though i did so author significant portions - choose the plain english parts aka, misspellings, and I also did not truly :-) ), though i have had some 'professionals' think of it to provide the ok (in your area of course), but it is not a thing that anybody should used in it's existing kind (lol if you were to think you will do desire to use it as it is, I'd browse the responsibility term carefully!).

I'd motivate everyone whom might contemplate using it verbatim not to ever. If you're using says, certain portion might not use, heck they may even be illegal(!) I don't know, i am maybe not legal counsel in every 50 states (or any for instance :-) ). Buuuut, this could provide you with a beneficial starting point. It covers most of the essentials We be worried about, therefore does a beneficial job of covering the talking points I go over with each and each client. Trigger a contract is just an item of paper... Worst case usually it will offer a novice several things to take into account which they might not have.

Oh, and in case you're feeling that you could do better... get it done!, POST it!... And kindly go ahead and publish CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (considering that the last test i really could find in the archives is from '06), or location certain related details (cause some states/countries have quite powerful publicity/privacy legislation)... I said, simply wanting to do my component...

Here goes:
(we copy pasted from word, so pardon the style: gobbledee goock :-))


Event Date: ____________ _____ ____ Time Photographer Begins: ____________ Time Photography Ends: ____________

Customer Name: ___________________ _______________________________ (if company, reference POC)

Phone (2): ___________________ext: ________ Fax : _______________________ ext: ______

Address: _________________________________________________________

______ ___________________________________________________


Site place (be particular): 1) _______________________________________________

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