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Cost of Wedding Photographers

17-olowalu-maui-wedding-photosAt Lin & Jirsa, we provide our clients both near and far. Whether you’re planning a wedding in breathtaking Hawaii or an engagement session in China, we are always willing to support your destination wedding ceremony needs wherever it could take united states.

Destination Wedding Photography FAQs

What exactly are Destination Wedding Photographer Fees and Prices?
Our location marriage photography plans are exactly the same as our regular wedding photography plans. The only extra costs which our clients will be responsible for are the following:

1) Airfare

2) luggage charges

3) Hotel accommodations (typically 2 evenings but determined by the size of the big event)

4) local rental car (typically 3 times but determined by the length of the function)

5) Vendor dishes during the day of this event(s)

25-maui-destination-wedding-photography6) Per Diem: /day per photographer for dishes on travel days and days not on the occasions

What amount of men and women do we need to fly completely?
Based on your package, timeline, guest count, and system, we would require you to fly away up to 3 folks per group (picture and cinema). In addition, you want to depart for the location a-day in advanced. The reason for this really is that we wish to have sufficient time to scout completely your marriage place as well as make sure that we are on time to the location on the day of the wedding ceremony. When it comes to departing trip, we typically have the seats scheduled for the day after your final event, ideally later.

Do I need to book the flights?
If you’d prefer to use your travel miles/rewards and reserve those flights all on your own, we might the same as to inquire of which you send us the flight information beforehand simply so we might approve the details (flight times, transfers, layovers, etc.)

Do you really provide discounted plans for location weddings?
Regrettably, we don't provide reduced plans for our location weddings so that the costs will be the identical to our regular plans with all the extra travel/lodging costs.

Wouldn’t it is easier to employ a marriage professional photographer who is currently situated on places of my wedding?
Not. Usually hiring professional photographers from your wedding location is not only higher priced but riskier with regards to receiving your photos. Last consumers decided against employing foreign professional photographers for a few explanations.37-olowalu-plantation-lahaina-wedding-maui it isn't just much harder to coordinate together with them about the information on your big day additionally if you decide to have questions regarding your photos, in the place of having to deal with an extended and inconvenient communication, you might just come right to united states for support.

Hawaii Destination Weddings

Olowalu Plantation Home
(Click on the photos to look at more out of this wedding)

JW Marriot Ihilani Resort
(Click on the photos to view much more from this marriage)

Italy Destination Wedding

Amalfi Hotel Luna
(Click on the images to look at more using this wedding ceremony)

Jamaica Destination Wedding

Rockhouse Hotel
(go through the pictures to see much more out of this marriage)

China Destination Engagement

Canton, China
(click the photos to look at more with this engagement)

Bahamas Destination Wedding

Atlantis Paradise Island

04-jw-marriott-ihilani-ko-olina-hawaii-wedding-photographer-bride-portrait-wedding-day 14-jw-marriott-ihilani-ko-olina-hawaii-wedding-photographer-romantic-hawaii-wedding-photos 13-jw-marriott-ihilani-ko-olina-hawaii-wedding-photographer-bride-and-groom-beautiful-weddig-day-photos-at-the-beach amalfi-italy-hotel-luna-destination-wedding-photography
Amie & Brad - Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography
Amie & Brad - Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography
Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography
Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography
Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Steve McMarson
Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Steve McMarson
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