Chicago Wedding Photography

Chicago wedding Photography prices

From start to finish. Your whole big day! And well before that time arrives, we take time to relate to you, we share our enormous understanding therefore we assist you to with details you might have perhaps not considered essential.

We show up bright and in early stages your wedding day so we never ever leave before we understand we’ve grabbed everything. We allow you to select the images for your web gallery in order to share them with relatives and buddies. We do artistic modifying so you look best in every photo. We make your breathtaking marriage album and also invite one to participate in the process. From just starting to end we are with you. You produce the thoughts and we’ll be sure they past a lifetime!

Our comprehensive offer includes:
・ unlimited wedding day protection
・ unlimited vacation within the Chicago location
・ on line proofing
・ imaginative editing/retouching (that’s what the “other men” call-it anyway, and child, do they charge for this!). We think
every photo you pick should get the ultimate therapy at no extra expense
・ all high-resolution images on disk
・ custom on line gallery


* Unlike everyone, our price includes no responsibility to purchase a marriage album. But in the event you end up buying one, we think it should be as special as you are! Yet if you turn all pages and posts of many albums, they appear quite similar. We think the individuals that will appreciate your record the majority are however become produced, but somehow most records have problems with a three-months-taste problem and over-decoration. We think that nothing should remain between your pictures while the individuals who will treasure all of them in the future. You can expect a carefully curated variety of only the finest Queensberry albums. And regardless of how we design yours, we only ever before charge a fee our expense. So you always get one thing more, for a lot less. Yes, we are really that great!

Often a wedding event is not restricted to one day. Or, perhaps you had something else in mind. State, you wish to take us some place new and interesting? Or you are planning an engagement program on a sailboat? Or a wedding bath attended by three generations? Or perhaps you’ve already been itching to try the whole trash-the-dress thing… certain, the reason why hold on there! Why say no! We know that no two weddings tend to be alike. We never ever thought in limiting your lovely, quirky, unique marriage to a “package” anyhow! Be creative, tell us what you want.

From austere country to downtown classy, from barefoot from the beach to black tie inside ballroom – imagine what we can do for you!*

*All for this seems like wonderful options if you wished to have more. But what if you desired less? Yes, we shall use you.

・ $150 – Marketing
・ $400 – Engagement session and editing
・ $2000 – big day protection
・ $250 – Album design
・ $1800 – Album publishing price
・ $300 – Equipment repayment
・ $200 – Other administrative cost

Total: $4300

・ $40 – Advertising
・ $150 – Sales consultant commission
・ $500 – Photographer pay
・ $100 – Second photographer
・ $80 – Photo editor pay
・ $80 – Album fashion designer pay
・ $500 – Album price
・ $100 – Other administrative price
・ $210 – Rent, insurance, etc.

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Chicago wedding video / Chicago wedding videos
Chicago wedding video / Chicago wedding videos
Chicago wedding video
Chicago wedding video
Wedding Planner in Chicago |
Wedding Planner in Chicago |
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