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Photo of Anthony BarlichAnthony

Hometown:Pittsburgh, PA

College:Penn State University


I'm Anthony. I happened to be born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I absolutely love provided experiences and checking out brand-new places. Additional things I dig: good design, meals distributed to buddies, finding tasty cortado’s in most city, Pittsburgh recreations, running/biking with good music or a solid podcast playing, the outside (walking, rock-climbing, searching, throwing/hitting/kicking things right back & 4th, etc.), mid-century modern homes/furniture, a cocktail (Toronto’s are my personal favorite), solid alcohol (bourbon barrel-aged, kindly), good candle lights, camp-side conversations, friendships that stretch across time & state-lines and my gorgeous partner, Laura.

Photography has given my interests in exploration, storytelling and connecting, an amazing system. I'm insanely enthusiastic in what i actually do and also the relationships I get to create in the process. Photographing a wedding with Hitch & Sparrow is a wonderful example of this reality. It is a joy to celebrate the wedding procedure with couples, when I certainly start to see the relationship as more essential compared to the wedding.

Laura and I also recently relocated to Denver, CO where we’ll work and grow H&S and our individual companies (Anthony Barlich Photography & Neubloom Ceramics). We’ll maintain Chicago frequently, this move may have actually made us a dual-city couple. It’s a wild adventure we’re on. Kindly relate solely to myself AND united states (H&S) on instagram or facebook—we are excited to share with you the journey!


Hometown: Elgin, IL

College: Illinois State University


I'm Laura Barlich. I happened to be created and raised in Elgin, IL a suburb of Chicago. At an early age I fell so in love with creating art, making music, playing recreations and informing tales. Photography revealed become an attractive and imaginative outlet to fairly share experiences in an impactful means.

picture of Laura BarlichAfter graduating from Illinois State University in '09, I pursued a vocation in Art knowledge and taught senior school Art within Chicago Public Schools until 2014. During my time training and coaching football, we met my hubby, Anthony Barlich, which reinvigorated my love for photography. After years of managing photography, songs, training and a-deep need to be an artist myself, we decided I’d come right into a permanent part with H&S. Furthermore, i really could go after additional passions of mine: especially, songs and ceramics.

We formally work as an assistant photographer for Hitch & Sparrow and also been steadily building and developing my ceramics brand name, Neubloom, when it comes to previous 2 years. It’s already been very the experience with so many lessons learned, experiences shared and goals noticed. Within latest adventure, we recently relocated to Denver, CO where we will enjoy heavy amounts of nature, hiking, soccer, sunlight and limitless photographic moments.

Please follow my new activities on instagram, etsy and Twitter!


Hometown: Amazingly Lake, IL

Hey, I'm Brad, I’m a Chicagoland native whom stumbled on photography after beginning a lifetime career as a graphic fashion designer for startups and web businesses. I adore the technical end of photography: contacts, lights, strobes, triggers, etc. Knowing these concepts features helped us to think creatively even in the midst of a hectic big day. I love the run-and-gun challenge that a marriage gifts, but my personal favorite components are the sweet moments throughout every day where I have to experience the pleasure of a loving few.

I’m enamored with breathtaking surroundings, captivating portraits, and simple moments between men and women. On a wedding time, I have to travel into a bride and groom’s world and also to capture some thing they'll cherish for the rest of their lives. It’s a challenge and an honor that We don’t take gently. I’ve done it enough to not get stressed anymore, but I’m nonetheless excited and motivated to create something that the few will be relocated by and certainly will love permanently.

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The Wedding Company
The Wedding Company
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